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Screening suggestions

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

Please add your suggestions for NaVloPoMo videos we should play at a screening in Brighton, UK on 12th January

(lesson from Pixelodeon: include the permalink to the video post with suggestions so as to keep the gathering process easier)

If you're not on here yet, you soon will be. So don't worry. : )


Mad Road Driving - David Howell

My Office - The Art of Getting Things Done - Rupert Howe

A Soho Story - Robert Croma

The Conversation - Robert Croma

The Process Of Democracy - Schlomo Rabinowitz

05 of 30 Videos Without Scenarios - Aaron Valdez

06 of 30 Videos Without Scenarios - Aaron Valdez

30 of 30 Videos Without Scenarios - Aaron Valdez

The Panther's Footmarks in the Garden - Robert Croma

Noreen Does Stevie - Robert Croma

The Roomba Strikes Back - David Howell

Dave - David Howell

The Laws of Gravity - David Howell

Chores - David Howell

How-to: Gallic Shrug - Jeffrey Taylor

Quick and Dirty Carbonara - Jeffrey Taylor, followed at some later point by Carbonara a la Twittervlog - Rupert Howe

Really too early for this - Rupert Howe

Rainy Days and Mondays - Rupert Howe

This is Red Five; I'm going in! - Rupert Howe (would work well with "Mad Road Driving" and/or "The Roomba Strikes Back" suggested above)

Last of November - Chris Daniels

Invention - Bekah Havens

Critter - Bekah Havens

Buffy Karaoke - Bekah Havens

Bubbles - Dennis Poulette

La Casa de Doña Lola - Dennis Poulette

I Have a Dream - Dennis Poulette

Car Talk - Brook Hinton

can't a dog get any shuteye around here? - Brook Hinton

You are the wind beneath my wings - Rupert Howe

Screaming Silently: The Ranch - Ryanne Hodson

Every Day I Think... - Ryanne Hodson

Fresh Fudge - Jay Dedman

Friday at the Office - Clint Comer

Derailed - Heath Parks

As the Action Figure Turns - Heath Parks

City's Orphanage - Gogen tv

Candles - Gogen

NaVloPoMo on Ice - Gogen

Why Hummingcrow? - Cheryl Colan

In Local News - Cheryl Colan

A Downward Look - Cheryl Colan

Fears - Chery Colan

Constant Negotiation - Jay Deman

Three Fold Blessing Oil - Jay Dedman

Standing Driving Jets - Jay Dedman

Zwarte Piet - Zé Nuno

London Tube - Zé Nuno

The Wallet Archive - Beth Tilston

Elevator de Gloria - http://despauterio.net/

Mexico City Sounds - Dennis at Mexico Movies

Dia De Los Muetes - Dennis at Mexico Movies

You Were Egged: Mischief Night 2007 - Mary Matthews

Pumpkin Carving - Mary Matthews

Maddening Lyric Moment: 1986 - Mary Matthews

Lead(er)ing - Lauren Galanter

Reminded - Clintus McGintus

Trust - A Response to Cheryl - Beth Tilston

I fell in a hole - Beth Tilston

House arrest - Beth Tilston

A Soldier's Skin at PCC Gallery - Gena Haskett

Carlos Ugalde - Andar por America - Gena Haskett

Gena on BBQ - Cheryl Colan (because it features Gena Haskett!!)

Sterling and her ball - David Meade

Special Guest - David Meade

Grad school diaries, day 2557 - Shelby Highsmith

Surviving Black Friday - Shelby Highsmith

Change in the Weather - Shelby Highsmith

Greek Calories - GoGen

Rain Drops Song - GoGen

Waking Up - Lauren Galanter

NaVloPoMo#9 - Will Luers

NaVloPoMo#12 - Will Luers

I Couldn't Look You In The Eye - David Howell

Dropping off Santa - Brook Hinton

while you were asleep at the green valley best western - Brook Hinton

Orphaned from Idaho - Brook Hinton

Guilt - Brook Hinton

American Holiday - Brook Hinton

nature vs. city - Kath

Getting It Together - Bev Sykes

Donna Jobbed - Mike Moon

Snatching Coins - Mike Moon

Leaf Rake - Mike Moon

Take Your Camera With You - Mike Moon

Two Years! - Eric Lorentz

Gear/Quick Mix - Eric Lorentz

Rambling On - Eric Lorentz

Photobooth - Eric Lorentz

30 Days - Mary Matthews

Another Walk Through Work - Clintus McGintus

Life At This Age - Clintus McGintus

Winnies Promo - Susan Kirkpatrick

SAT - Susan Kirkpatrick

NaVloPoMo#1 - Trine

NaVloPoMo#13 - Trine

NaVloPoMo#19 - Trine

Say Hello To Henrik - Trine

I Worked Nights - B

Emergency Room - B

Rules To Live By - B

Busy B - B



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