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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

NaVloPoMo 2007: this is where we all posted our contributions.



Screening of Videos Produced for (Inter)National Video Blog Posting Month:

Brighton, UK on 12th January 2008 - Please go to Brighton NaVloPoMo Screening Details

Amsterdam: Jan 20?

San Francisco: February?


IMPORTANT - We're hoping to produce a big downloadable file of the videos we choose for the Brighton screening so that others can do their own screenings with the minimum of effort.  Due to time constraints, we think that we will have to restrict the videos to one per NaVloPoMo-er.  Suggestions about how do do this would be welcome.  Should we ask creators to pick their favourite from the ones nominated?  Also, we'd like to have a communal consensus over the running order.  Are there definite themes emerging?  Should we screen them by genre?  Please add your ideas to the screening suggestions page.



Let's list the videos for Screening suggestions.


Archiving for the future:

I'd like to wonder about how best to archive/collect/collate/categorize all these films.


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