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Brighton NaVloPoMo Screening Details

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Beth's Mobile Number: 07818474712 - call if you are having trouble finding the venue. I will put balloons outside to try and make it obvious.



FREE UK Screening of Highlights from




“Suddenly, one day, some little fat girl in Ohio is going to be the new Mozart and make a beautiful film with her little father's camcorder - and for once the so-called professionalism about movies will be destroyed forever. And it will really become an art form.”   Francis Coppola, 1989

In November 2007, dozens of international videobloggers and artists made a film every day for 30 days.  The result: over 1000 beautiful, intimate, funny, experimental, observational, moving, interconnected short films.


NODE 101 (UK) invites you to a showing of highlights from the first (Inter)national Videoblog Posting Month (NaVloPoMo).


You’ll be amazed by the kind of films being made online, and by how well they play on the big screen.  Join us at 2:30 on January 12th at the THE WERKS (Scroll to the bottom for a map) in Hove for an afternoon of art, intimacy and international connections.


The screening will be followed by a short party with the chance to meet and learn more from pioneering British and American videobloggers and NAVLOPOMers.  Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson, online video pioneers from San Francisco and organisers of the Pixelodeon web video festival, will be our special guests.


Everyone will be delighted to tell and show you more - personal connections are what videoblogging is all about.


“The film of tomorrow, it seems to me, will be more personal even than a novel: individual and autobiographical like a confession or like an intimate journal.” François Truffaut





Huh!  Do the words videoblogging and NAVLOPOMO sound like another language? See below for an explanation:


What’s videoblogging?


Most people wrongly assume a ‘videoblog’ is just a video diary recorded on a webcam and posted on YouTube.


But videoblogging is really just a technical term which embraces a huge range of personal video art, often published as ongoing projects on artists’ own websites.




It started as a joke – a challenge posted online to make and upload one film a day every day in November. 50 videobloggers and artists joined in, from countries including America, Australia, Britain, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, France, Holland, Mexico, Norway.


The variety in the 1000+ videos produced was stunning, from experimental art to archive mash ups to intensely personal stories.


The daily commitment meant many of us had to reduce the time and energy we usually spent on production and post-production. This speed and thrift led us to find new and surprising inspiration in our everyday environments – we became less afraid to take risks with smaller, intimate subjects. The resulting films stand out for their immediacy and freshness.


Participants began to respond to each other’s films - picking up subjects and themes, remixing video and sound or talking to each other directly.


In NAVLOPOMO we find a deep sense of personal connection that crosses national, class, race and gender boundaries - and a glimpse of new possibilities for the film and television of tomorrow: filmmakers, artists, and ordinary people with creative talents connecting directly with their audience and with each other, using inexpensive cameras and computers. 


“Film will only become an art form it is as cheap as pencil and paper.”

Jean Cocteau


You can find our page on Upcoming here.  Please use the map below to find The Werks as it is quite out of the way.  You can email wine_and_corduroy *at* hotmail.com with any queries.  If you fancy joining us for a meal after the event, please let me know.


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